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Are they still alive? [28 Jan 2007|02:29pm]

Can somebody tell me, are All My Heroes still alive? It's seems like they didn't have any activity sinse mid of last year. What are they doing for nowdays?
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The Haunting lyrics. [30 Sep 2006|05:46pm]

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The Haunting lyricsCollapse )


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Fond Farewell [30 Sep 2006|05:40pm]

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Fond Farewell lyricsCollapse )

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Telling this with a Sigh [30 Sep 2006|05:37pm]

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So I realized some lyrics were never posted.... just for future reference...
Telling This With a Sigh lyricsCollapse )

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Amp for sale [18 Sep 2006|01:09pm]
marshall avt 150 half stack
couple cosmetic tears on the cab itself but its in perfect working condition.
asking 600 or best offer(I'm down to get what I can)
IM me at xthemoonpiesx
or email gringomariachi@yahoo.com

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[06 Jun 2006|08:46pm]
Party on wednesday moved to
5835 sw 28th street

do not show up at 172 cherokee, you'll be turned away

3 kegs

June 7th
party starts 9
band at 10
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Kegger [03 Jun 2006|07:29pm]
172 cherokee st.

3 kegs FREE BEER

Made of Hemp (ex moonpies)

party starts 9
band at 10

wednesday June 7th

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[ = [08 Mar 2006|09:56am]

....Image hosting by Photobucket</a” thanks in advance!!! help us out by listening to the song and if u like what u hear be our friends on myspace!! [=
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[ = [18 Jan 2006|09:28am]

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just do it! [13 Jan 2006|07:31am]

[ mood | content ]

Come out tonight !!!


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[ = [04 Jan 2006|09:44am]

this is our latest song live at kaffe

check it out and let us know what u think


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[ = [09 Dec 2005|08:48am]

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 hey there  guys we  just posted up two tracks up on our bands myspace , and it would be cool if u guys checked it out!!

it was recorded live so its not perfect but at least it will give u an idea of what we are about!!

please lets us know what u think of it and add our myspace if u havent!




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[30 Nov 2005|12:39am]

I miss All My Heroes. Not to sound as teenybopperish as this is going to come off as, but I really did enjoy those pre-summer days when this band I love played every weekend here in Miami(in different locations that were sometimes hard to reach).
I understand that the band's been quite busy with their own personal lives, though.
I just hope we(I) will be getting to see more of these guys soon enough!
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pics¿ [11 Oct 2005|05:49pm]

[ mood | amused ]

does anybody have pics from the show on Oct. 1st at Krystal?

thanx xo

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[03 Oct 2005|12:07pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I <3 all my heroes!!!!


credit to SMILE15 for the great pics!!!!

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oct. 1 [02 Oct 2005|12:40am]
pictures from tonight
@ kaffe

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
you must look at these!Collapse )

35 out of about 60+ pictures
not bad right?

tell me what you think!
and which ones you like and all that.

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hey everyoneeeeee [29 Sep 2005|04:26pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
please make it out! you know you want to. and its going to be fun fun fun!
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INCOMING! [25 Sep 2005|01:54am]

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Just when you thought things couldn't get better. All My Heroes couldn't be better, they did. they got better.
you have more to look forward to than before...


see more?Collapse )

i know i'm awesome.

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ATTENTION, YO. [18 Sep 2005|12:52am]

lineup edit.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Highway will not be able to play. sorry kids.
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Screwball Zine! [15 Sep 2005|07:57pm]

What's up boys and girls?
My name's Alvin, I'm 16, and I live in Miami.
I guess this is my first time posting on here, though I have seen all the earlier posts.
I really hope what I'm about to do isn't something worth banning me from the community for, you guys need to help! Please. =)

I run this print zine we like to call Screwball. Our premiere issue is currently out. It's got interviews with Hawthorne Heights and Panic! At The Disco, as well as some questions with Shane Told of Silverstein, album reviews, show calendars, and more!
Our current issue can be picked up at Uncle Sam's Cafe in South Beach for two dollars! We are currently trying to expand our distributors, but it's the hardest thing ever.
So if any of you are interested in getting our current issue, you have two options for right now. 1) Drive to South Beach. 2) Send $2 dollars + .60 cents (for shipping) to the adress posted below.

Or, you can also comment, and we can just go from there.
Or, you can also find me at a show somewhere.

Okay. Here's the main reason why I'm posting on here.
Our next issue of Screwball will feature an interview with Ed from All My Heroes!
We're already working on our next issue, and are in need of AMH pictures!
So, if anyone has any AMH photos that he/she would like to include in the zine with the interview, PLEASE comment on this post, or contact us at screwballmagazine@yahoo.com

We would appreciate it like we've never appreciated anything else. Ever!
And, you will recieve total and complete credit for whatever it is you contribute to our zine.

Aside from that, we are also accepting poetry, cd reviews, articles, and anything else you can think of that would make a sweet addition to our zine!

So, if you don't feel like getting our current issue, PLEASE, be on the lookout for our next.

After all, AMH is going to be in it!

I'm sorry this turned out so long, thank you so much to anyone who took the time to read this!

Thanks. Again. - Alvin.

Shipping Adress:

Alvin Garcia
Screwball Zine
4952 SW 136 PL
Miami, FL 33175

P.S. We do not have a permanent staff at the moment, and if any of you are interested in working with Screwball, please let us know. Our e-mail adress is screwballmagazine@yahoo.com. Or you can message me at OhITSnot. Thanks!
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